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  • Low Refunds


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There are two reasons Coffee Slimmer Pro is the BEST affiliate offer on the marketplace:

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Funnel Map

1 Bottle - $59   


3 Bottle - $147


6 Bottle - $234


Upsell 1

9 Bottle - $227


Downsell 1

9 Bottle - $197


Upsell 2

$97 Rebill


Upsell 3

$67 Membership Rebill




  • Women


  • Men



Women Men

25 65
USA Traffic


Traffic By Device

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  • Mobile


  • Tablet


Epic & Reliable Conversions on Facebook Ads

Conversions are massive on this & you can scale fast!

Hundreds of our affiliates are making thousands of dollars EACH day promoting Coffee Slimmer Pro through Facebook Ads.

Budgets of all sizes are profitable when running Coffee Slimmer Pro on Facebook Ads. Affiliates spend anywhere from $100 per day to $100,000 per day regularly and make huge profits with Coffee Slimmer Pro.

Why Promote Us?

We Are On Track To Be #1 On All Of

And We’re Going To Be Number 1 for a reason.
"Coffee Slimmer Pro Just Sells Itself"

The most crucial element of any affiliate offer is the front end conversion rate. Coffee Slimmer Pro converts like nothing else on the marketplace right now.

You can thank our copy written by an 8 figure copywriter for that! Along with our studio filmed VSL.

The second most crucial aspect is the upsell flow. Our flow was already great, with an AOV of around $300... then we added our $97 rebill for the Wellness Pack in second place.

This has boosted AOV by a whopping $20, meaning you get more cash from every sale.

Insanely High Conversions

We have one of the HIGHEST conversion rates on the entire Digistore24 marketplace. We convert at around 1 in 10 unique clicks for specifically targeted cold traffic, meaning you can make a lot more on your paid media campaigns than other offers.

A Huge, Ever-Growing Hungry Market

The weight-loss niche is both a huge and ever-growing market. More than two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese and this number is only expected to increase. By promoting an offer like Coffee Slimmer Pro, you'll get higher conversions, higher ROAS and HUGE opportunity to scale.

Extremely Low Refund Rates

Our customers love the value of Coffee Slimmer Pro and it shows in our refund rate. Clients stay with us long-term because we promise regular updates and offer the best customer support. Plus, we don’t spam our customers with other offers. This results in fewer customers refunding, which means you get to keep more of your commissions!

Authentic Affiliate Support

We are proud about the quality of support we offer our affiliates. We’ve added loads of banners in all dimensions, email swipes and other resources to help you promote the offer. We’re also more than willing to help you with any questions you have and provide suggestions to increase your sales. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for VIP affiliate support!

High Value Upsell Flow

Our unique upsell flow maximizes value from sales like no other. It was already crushing, but then we added our new Wellness Pack rebill, causing our upsell conversion rate to shoot up by 250%... Now it's sky-rocketing!

Converts On All Lists With Women 30+ Years Old

Coffee Slimmer Pro is mainly designed for women between the ages of 40 to 65. We have a significant segment of customers in their 30's too though, and a portion of customers over the age of 65 as well. The best demographic for conversions though is 40-60 years old within the United States and on mobile.

Contact Affiliate Support:

Banners And Images

Banner Set #1

Download Here

Banner Set #2

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Banner Set #3

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Banner Set #4

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Banner Set #5

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Banner Set #6

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Product Image Set

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The Facebook
AD Conversion kit

Landing Pages: Facebook AD Quiz Lander

When promoting our offer using Facebook ads, you need to have some sort of "buffer" or landing page between the ads themselves and the sales page to get your campaigns approved (and not get banned). We recommend using Clickfunnels to create a high-converting quiz lander to funnel your traffic through. Even something as simple as 4-5 questions should do it!

Step 1:

Click here to start your 14 day Clickfunnels free trial.

The Clickfunnels software will allow you to easily import a funnel template and offers an abundance of other simple-to-use features, like split testing and conversion statistics.

Step 2:

Create your quiz funnel. Make the final results page recommend the user visit your affiliate link to watch a presentation.

Facebook Friendly AD Images

Eye-catching ad images are essential for getting a high click-through rate on your Facebook Ads. We've created a Google Drive folder below where we will add our best Facebook ad images for VIP affiliates to use. Remember - the more unique and interesting your ad, the better it will convert!

Facebook AD Images

Click here to start to access our folder full of high click-through rate Facebook ad images to promote Coffee Slimmer Pro.

Get Your AD Image Library Here.

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Affiliates Please Note:

  • Do not directly link to our checkout.
  • Do not send junk traffic.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not advertise your own bonuses or anything additional of your own.
  • Do not claim to represent Coffee Slimmer Pro.
  • Do not advertise incorrect/discounted pricing.

Anyone found doing this will be blacklisted immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any demographic information you can share with me?

Yes! We certainly do! Please scroll up to the demographics section above.

Can you place my pixel on the page for me?

You can now place your pixels in a matter of minutes using Digistore24’s integrated tracking feature. No waiting around or troubleshooting pixels when they don’t fire! Follow the Digistore24 guide below to place your own tracking pixels of any kind:

If you need your pixel(s) hard-coded or you require a specific custom installation, feel free to contact us using our details on this page. Priority will be given to affiliates who are already sending us sales

Do you offer CPA?
Can you bump up my commission rates?
Can I get a review copy of the products?
How can I keep up to date with news about this offer?

Affiliate Terms

By promoting Coffee Slimmer Pro, you hereby agree to the following terms of service. If an affiliate breaches the following terms they will be instantly banned/blacklisted from promoting our products.

  1. Affiliates may NOT copy, reproduce or otherwise use in any format any video or part of video found on this website in their promotions.
  2. Affiliates may NOT use any before or after photos found on this website or found within this website’s video content in their promotions.
  3. Affiliates may NOT run any advertising campaigns (on any viable advertising network) where keywords targeted include "Coffee Slimmer Pro" or derivatives of "Coffee Slimmer Pro".
  4. Affiliates may NOT falsely represent themselves as the creators or owners of Coffee Slimmer Pro in their promotions.
  5. Affiliates may NOT use words such as "fraud", "scam" or similar terminology in their promotions including but not limited to, Ad content, landing pages, video titles, written content or other metadata.
  6. Affiliates may NOT promote, sell, wholesale or resell Coffee Slimmer Pro on any retail site including but not limited to Amazon, eBay and Google Store.
  7. Affiliates may NOT direct prospects directly to the checkout page bypassing the Coffee Slimmer Pro website. All customers must purchase through the Coffee Slimmer Pro website.
  8. Affiliates understand Coffee Slimmer Pro is solely responsible for customer service.
  9. Affiliates' websites, promotions and material (regardless of country of domicile) MUST be in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines, including without limitation the Federal Trade Commission Act ("FTC Act"), the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 ("CAN-SPAM Act"), Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") regulations and guidelines implementing the FTC Act and the CAN-SPAM Act, the FTC’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising ("FTC Testimonials Guide"), the National Advertising Division decisions of the Better Business Bureau, and other federal and state consumer protection laws, regulations, and guidelines.